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Steady Production Rates.

Nearby Structures?

Precision and Controllability.

Vibration Concerns?

Vibration and Fly-rock Free Operation.

Blasting Monitoring and Permitting Required?

No Explosions. No Shockwaves. No Risk.

We’re capable of high production rates with the lowest amount of risk and intrusiveness in even the hardest rock formations. Take a look at some of our capabilities below!


Mass Rock Removal​

Mass rock removal can be conducted for building installations, yard expansions / improvements, driveway installations, or road installations / expansions. We’re capable of moving in excess of 1,000 cubic yards of solid rock cost-effectively and quickly. We routinely cost effectively complete projects consisting 200 to 400 cubic yards with our handheld splitters. Our new machine mounted splitter increases production rates even further and makes mass rock removal even more viable than previously.

Trenching Through Rock

Rock trenches can be installed for electric, gas, water, and sewer utilities. Although installing a trench is an extremely difficult task for hydraulic hammers, our techniques make quick and efficient work of even the hardest rock trenches. Small to medium sized trenches are quickly carved out with our handheld splitters, while large trenches are more suited for our machine mounted splitter.

Driveway Rock Excavation

Rock ledge can often prevent the development of a property by preventing the installation of a legally acceptable driveway. We are extremely fast at carving out this exposed ledge rock. Driveway cuts can be as small as trimming a few bumps that are too high, to cutting a road through solid ledge rock to an acceptable grade. We also typically excavate rock for line-of-site clearances on new driveways.

Rock Removal from Edge of Existing Structures

Nearly impossible to safely and confidently do with other rock excavation methods, our handheld splitters combined with our knowledge and expertise allow us to carve rock from directly down along existing foundations and walls without compromising the integrity of the structure. We routinely complete these projects when excavating rock for the installation of septic tanks and septic fields.

Rock Removal from Inside Existing Buildings

Our rock removal techniques allow us to safely excavate rock from inside of existing buildings. These projects are typically carried out by owners who wish to add a full basement under their existing house. Although this is an extremely difficult task, our rock excavation services make it possible and cost-effective without worry. We are also able to remove rock from within commercial buildings to expand the usable ground-floor area.

Trenching Under / Near Existing Utilities

Existing utilities, such as high-pressure gas mains and water lines, can often bring a trenching project to a halt. The risks associated with hydraulic hammers operating near these utilities typically preclude them as a viable option. Therefore, hydraulic rock splitting is the ideal way to break the hard rock from along and even under these utilities. We have conducted a number of utility crossings without any incidents.

Shaft Sinking

Elevator shafts and stairwells often require excavating rock straight down. This is an extremely difficult task for any type of rock-breaking system. With our knowledge and equipment, we can quickly carve holes straight down into rock, even in extremely difficult urban environments.