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About Hydraulic Rock Splitting​

About Hydraulic Rock Splitting

We use a combination of hydraulic rock splitting and ripping to quickly and affordably break and excavate hard rock. Understanding how hydraulic rock splitting works will help you understand why we use this method and why our services routinely outcompete other methods of breaking rock.

What is Hydraulic Rock Splitting?

Hydraulic rock splitting uses a mechanical rock splitter to apply tremendous splitting force to the inside of solid rock. The tools we use can develop nearly 2,000 TONS of splitting force on machine-mounted models and over 400 TONS of splitting force on handheld models.

Both our handheld and machine-mounted rock splitters consist of three main components- a high-pressure hydraulic piston, a wedge, and two counter wedges.

First, a hole is drilled in the rock. Then, the wedge and counter wedges are inserted into the hole. The specially designed counter wedges prevent the tool from pushing itself out of the rock as the hydraulic piston pushes the wedge downwards. Because of the tapered wedge, the downward motion separates the counter wedges with unbelievable force. The expansion quickly rips even the hardest rock apart.

Why Do We Use Hydraulic Rock Splitting?

We only deal with hard rock. That’s why we use hydraulic rock splitters.

Much like blasting, hydraulic rock splitters efficiently take rock apart at its weakest point. Rock has a much lower tensile strength than compressive strength- that’s why hydraulic hammers often just can’t break hard rock, especially solid ledge. Hydraulic rock splitters take advantage of this weakness, and combined with our over 20 years of dedicated rock splitting experience, we are often the most cost-effective hard rock removal solution in developed areas.

However, unlike blasting, hydraulic rock splitting can be used in urban-suburban environments with complete ease. There are absolutely no chances of building-damage caused by fly-rock, shockwaves, and ground tremors. This discrete operation allows us to safely operate in some of the most challenging locations- along high-pressure gas mains, inside houses, along and beneath footings, and in urban-suburban environments where blasting is completely banned or too costly to make the project affordable.

If you already have a permit for your project and are already under way, then we can be on site quickly to discuss your options and schedule our rock excavation services. We do not need any additional time consuming and costly permits that can be required for blasting, do not need to set up costly monitoring equipment, nor do we need to conduct any pre- or post-operation inspections of surrounding buildings. And we can easily break rock that even large (>14,000-pound class) hydraulic hammers can’t break.

We specialize in hydraulic rock splitting because this method is the best compromise between speed, cost-effectiveness, precision, and ability to excavate even the hardest rock.

How Can Our Rock Splitting Services Benefit You?

If you’re planning on excavating rock for a building project or you’re currently up against hard rock on an active project, then we can help you! The speed, efficiency, and precision of our rock splitting services delivers what our customers often regard as a seemingly impossible solution to hard rock removal.

We have the experience.

We have the equipment.

We have the dedication.

Hard rock is easy work with John R. Rogalo Construction